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The writing hits the wall..

The writing hits the wall…

I had intended to use this blog as a chronicle of dealing with an aging parent. I have since had to temper that thought as my brother thought better of it. We have always been close and I value his opinion. He is not a tech savvy guy. His phone is probably one of the first that came out and he refuses to part with it, hence his reticence at me blogging our family.  Since speaking with him I have had a sort of writers block about what to blog about.  I have so many varied interests that narrowing it down to one subject is difficult. Where many people have trouble finding one subject I have the opposite problem. I love art, cooking , ideas and inventions, talking to young people , imparting advice, politics and religion, social woes and lines of communication in life and work and so many more things.  I also like to share my insight on having survived divorce to raising three wonderful children on my own. This experience has probably enriched my life the most. Many people look at their divorce and say why did I do that…I look at it and say thank you. I have amazing children and believe it or not it HAS made me who I am today, as cliché’ as that sounds.

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