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Boston Strong!

What a week this has been. A bombing not 2hrs. away from where I live and then the race to capture the men that did it. I came home Monday to the news of the marathon and to my daughter who as a child lived through 9/11 seemingly unscathed, just sobbing. She is not a huggy, feely kid so this reaction was  heart wrenching to me. Then the week progressed. Who did this and why. We now know the who but we must find out the why. Why do seemingly good men do things like this. One with a small child, a family of his own and the other a young man just starting out. What creates the minds that are moved to do these awful things. I am dumbfounded. They could be anyone’s neighbor. 

Or they could be this neighbor, Dave Hannaberry. The luck of a man stepping out his back door and noticing something wrong now brings back safety and peace.

The families of law enforcement can sleep soundly tonight only to run back into trouble tomorrow. Blessings to everyone that has had to endure this tragedy.  

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I have hit a road block in what to write. After the news last week of not getting the new position I am settling in to what needs to be done. I must say I am quite impressed with myself, no bloody tongue as of yet.  I am actually quite relieved in that once the new boss has been trained by me I can hand over the incredible stress of the position he has fallen into. Sometimes there are gratitude’s in what we don’t get.Which brings me to this~ On my facebook page I try once a week to give gratitude’s for the small things in life that keep me going . This practice was given to me by a friend and I find it very good for keeping me grounded. If you have a mind to try, this is how it works; find five things in your day, week or month to be grateful for. 

My gratitudes for today; I got a good nights sleep, for overtime so I could treat myself to a night out, for good friends, for the help I needed and for continued health for Mom….Thank you.

These may seem like small things but done on a daily/weekly/monthly basis make for an appreciated life, a life we sometimes take for granted. So I guess I am also grateful that my roadblock was lifted…lol ~ Love&Peace