Boston Strong!

What a week this has been. A bombing not 2hrs. away from where I live and then the race to capture the men that did it. I came home Monday to the news of the marathon and to my daughter who as a child lived through 9/11 seemingly unscathed, just sobbing. She is not a huggy, feely kid so this reaction was  heart wrenching to me. Then the week progressed. Who did this and why. We now know the who but we must find out the why. Why do seemingly good men do things like this. One with a small child, a family of his own and the other a young man just starting out. What creates the minds that are moved to do these awful things. I am dumbfounded. They could be anyone’s neighbor. 

Or they could be this neighbor, Dave Hannaberry. The luck of a man stepping out his back door and noticing something wrong now brings back safety and peace.

The families of law enforcement can sleep soundly tonight only to run back into trouble tomorrow. Blessings to everyone that has had to endure this tragedy.  


2 thoughts on “Boston Strong!

  1. I agree that it’s crazy how “normal” people have described these two men when they were in school and how they were able to fit in and befriend American’s the way that they did. I think that overall, this experience proved to me that for every bad, sick individual that there is, there are hundreds of good people who are able to stick together and do the right thing. I think it’s amazing what all of Boston, Waterbury and the surrounding areas went through to help the police – I’ve never seen places like that completely shut down to find one person and it made me proud to see that people in our country are willing to do that. I don’t know a single person that wasn’t glued to their tv’s the moments leading up to catching the suspect.

    • It certainly was heartwarming especially when everyone flooded the streets to congratulate those people who worked so hard to bring the men to justice. As in Newtown I feel sadness for the families that must live the legacy of these men. No parent wants to admit their child is capable of such atrocities. And I feel sorrow for the lives lost and the ones that will carry both physical and emotional scares from this, but they have the caring of a great nation because despite all of our conflicts we are a strong nation and they will not be alone. Whatever anyone believes, we are a blessed nation!

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