Car shopping ! UGH!

So the past few weeks I have been looking at purchasing a car. I don’t know if I am the only one but doesn’t the process really irritate? I have contacted dealers via online and not one of them has respected the parameters I have specified. I am sent all sorts of “We have found the car for you” when it is not the car I requested…At all!!!! I even received a message berating me for not responding to them in a timely fashion.My response was to shoot back a message telling them that I was truly offended by this tactic and therefore would never shop with them again. The person who’s name it was sent in responded with a profuse apology stating it was a robo message. My thought is…don’t you know what PR you are sending? and if it is not done with your knowledge you might want to be on that particular need to know list!!! So this is my little car shopping rant. Dealers if you are reading this, please listen because I am still shopping and I will buy a car from someone!!! Will it be you?


One thought on “Car shopping ! UGH!

  1. Car shopping is the worst, especially if you are a female they think you dont know what your talknig about …. I went through this whole process back in October when my 2004 Trailblazer finally became a hazard to drive. It is such an exhausting process that I really hated going through. In my search I actually had one dealership hold my keys and not let me leave for well over an hour with a screamng child that they all thought was funny. I did NOT think it was funny that we were being held hostage. It took months of searching, sending emails, frustration and disppointment but I finally found my vehicle. Hope you find what your looking for!!

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