I did it!

What an eventful week. First, I finally bought a vehicle…2005 Dodge Durango. The dealership was the first to listen to what I wanted and were able to  mostly meet my price. Secondly and most importantly I graduated today from UWW at UMASS. I now have a BA. This is good because I will need a better job to pay my car loan, and my school loans! lolz While young students have a lifetime to pay these loans off I will probably go to my grave with this school debt. FYI…it is so worth it. For anyone contemplating education in your later years …DO IT! I have found this experience so gratifying. School for an older learner is so different from that high school angst that caused you to either leave college or not go at all.  You can still learn and believe it or not it seems so much easier. By no means is it a breeze but the demands you place upon yourself and your learning curve is different. There are no girl/boy relationship conflicts, no learning a new job while trying to go to school… your already working and you will have more inspiration and help from those in your life than you will ever imagine. Success is yours, you will see to it, your teachers will see to it and your family and friends will see to it. Thank you to all my mentors at UMASS for being there for me and for my family and friends for putting up with me. A special thank you to my personal inspirations, Mary! I wish you could have been here…and my Mom..you inspire me each and every day with your strength and character…so glad you were here to share this with me! ❤


3 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. I agree school seemed.so much harder this go around. Were you at graduation? I decided to walk at graduation because I worked so hard and it was close enough to make a.daytrip out of it! Congratulations on graduation and your new vehicle!! 🙂

  2. I was there…being online has the disadvantage of not knowing faces. I actually graduated with a co-worker and never knew it till grad day! lol

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